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Alexander Technique




Alexander Technique is a psycho-physical educational method (mind-body learning), which teaches how to release tension and improve coordination and balance.




It allows you to sense where you are at kinesthetically and have the choice to act accordingly.

Alexander Technique is the diamond in the rough among methods for achieving balance and wellness. Although other methods may be more popular, they are limited in that they offer temporary relief or comfort. Alexander Technique presents an approach that allows you the choice to make changes in the way you respond to the world and to your internal cues, so you free yourself

from unnecessary tension, stress, and possibly pain.




Back Pain

Even for people who suffer from chronic back pain, Alexander Technique might help alleviate the pain. Alexander Technique teaches you to become aware of what you are doing that may be causing or aggravating the pain, and how to change your habits.

This work is very simple. A child of three can understand it.

But give me someone who's been educated, and God help me!


F.M. Alexander through Marjory Barlow



Examples how the Alexander Technique can help you
Alexander Technique is the manual that could have come with us when
we were born to learn the best way of using ourselves.

If you are new to Alexander Technique, be ready to get surprised in your learning journey! "Did I really lean forward?" "Is this where my hip joints are?" are examples of the surprises you may experience. If, however, you have taken Alexander Technique lessons before, then welcome back to more refining of your kinesthetic skills and experiential knowledge of yourself!




Think-AT is co-founded by Mona Al-Kazemi and Faisal Al-Matrouk. Both instructors have been immersed in this work for more than 20 years and are passionate about teaching the Technique. The name of this small business reflects the importance of "thinking" in the process of learning Alexander Technique.

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If the "Thinker" had taken AT lessons

The benefits of the Alexander Technique for your body posture


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Join a semi-private group class to learn about the principles of Alexander Technique as well as Body Mapping concepts. 




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