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Think At is an Alexander Technique studio based in New York City

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Think AT offers individual sessions and small group classes.

You can choose the format of learning that suits you best. 


If you are interested in addressing personal issues, such as alleviating pain, moving with ease, or enhancing your performance, we advice that you take individual sessions to get faster results through the individual attention of the private setting. Our individual sessions are

taught by both Mona and Faisal. 


If you want to learn systematically, covering more content that is generally useful to everybody, then you may want to take the

semi-private classes taught by Mona. 


Alternating between the classes and the individual sessions, or combining both settings at the same time, will yield the best results as you gain more in depth knowledge, and get personalized attention

Individual Sessions


Duration: One Hour

Price Per Session: $120

For clients who are new to learning Alexander Technique, we strongly suggest taking at least five sessions, so that you get to know what the Technique is about, and how you can integrate it in your daily living. 

Mona - Lady Active Rest Final Version co

Saturdays at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Sundays at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


Duration for each class: 75 minutes 

Fee for each class: $55

Classes can also be arranged during the weekdays upon request


Small group instructions of 2 to 3 participants. The eight classes are sequenced in order, with 1 to 4 including body mapping concepts, 5 to 7 focusing on the Alexander Technique, and the 8th class concluding the introductory course.



In these classes, you will learn about your internal,

built-in organization that will help you:


* Move with more ease, balance, and coordination

* Avoid, reduce, or eliminate pain in your back, shoulders, and neck

* Improve your posture without straining

* Breathe efficiently



Class 1: Introductory Class – The Head and the Spine


Class 2: Freedom of the Arms 


Class 3: Our Legs in Sitting, Standing and Walking 


Class 4: The Dos and Don’ts of Breathing 


Class 5: AT Principles and Process


Class 6: AT Procedures 


Class 7: Applying AT in Daily Activities


Class 8: AT Essentials – Bringing it All Together

Active Rest Exercise

Ongoing Semi-Private Classes on the Weekends

Booking Your Individual Session

To book your session, please contact us to find a date and time that is best suited for your schedule. 

Book a Session:

- with Mona: email or call/text 646-632-5181

- with Faisal: email or call/text 646-460-1666

Registering for a Semi-Private Class​

To register for a semi-private class, please contact Mona:


Or call/text: 646-632-5181


We accept only cash. 

Cancellation Policy 

We require a 24-hour cancellation notice, otherwise you will be charged the full amount.

Our Address

Think AT

The American Express Tower

200 Vesey St.

24th Floor

office 24118

New York, NY

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