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Think At is an Alexander Technique studio based in New York City


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Video Transcript

"Hi, I’m Mona Al-Kazemi. I’m a certified Alexander Technique instructor and practitioner, and the co-founder of Think AT: a small business dedicated to teaching Alexander Technique. 


One of my professional goals is to bring Alexander Technique to the everyday worker. For over 100 years, Alexander Technique has mostly been taught to clients of the performing arts, such as dancers, actors, and musicians. I myself learned about the Technique only because I had started taking piano lessons, and Alexander Technique was recommended as a way to help me become aware of my habits that were causing tension in my shoulders. Tension that other people saw, while I didn’t notice or feel. Thanks to Alexander Technique, I became aware of what I did, and shoulder tension is no longer an issue. 


I’m trained to see patterns that may cause discomfort or pain, which interfere with balance and ease of movement. But my aim is to help you become aware of your own pattern, so that you have the choice to change.


I teach Alexander Technique, because I believe in its value to everyone, and I confidently can make a promise that taking a series of lessons will improve the quality of your life.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I look forward to teaching you in the Think AT Studio". 

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